Who Is The MVP So Far?

Most of the teams in the league have played around 30 games or more so far this season and we have a good sample size of some of the standouts in each of the NBA Individual Awards categories.

So, let’s look at who I have as the NBA’s Most Valuable player as the first third of the season has ended.

  1. Luka Doncic- Point Guard- Dallas Mavericks
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo- Power Forward- Milwaukee Bucks
  3. James Harden- Shooting Guard- Houston Rockets
  4. Anthony Davis- Power Forward- Los Angeles Lakers
  5. LeBron James- Point Guard/Small Forward- Los Angeles Lakers


Doncic has cooled off a bit and missed a few games due to an injury, but his impact is still felt through out the league. He’s still in the top-20 in scoring (third), rebounding (17th) and assists (third) and Dallas is still tied for fifth in the Western Conference standings.

Giannis is averaging 30 points and 13 rebounds a game and 5.5 assists a game for the league’s best team. He also has a 30 double-doubles in Milwaukee’s 33 games this season.

Harden is averaging 38.2 points per game. If the season ended right now, his scoring average would be the 5th highest in the history of the league. The highest average in the last 51 years of the league and he’s on pace to be the first player in league history to have 2,000 field goal, 1,000 three point and 1,000 free throw attempts in the same season.

James and Davis will take votes away from each other being on the same team. James leads the NBA in assists per game and Davis is third in the league in block shots in the top 10 in scoring and top 20 in rebounds and steals per game.

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