The NBA Lottery Fall Out

Now that the dust has settled and the order has been set and we know who is picking where on June 20th, lets take a look at what it means for the NBA going forward. Now my latest mock draft is already and if you missed it, here it is. But this is article is about the fallout and impact on the upcoming NBA Summer.

David Griffin Now Controls The Fate Of The Balance Of Power

When David Griffin took over as the president of basketball operations in New Orleans on April 19th, his job was to find away to rebuild the Pelicans organization and re-energize a fan base that was heartbroken over Anthony Davis. Less than 2 months later, Griffin now has potentially the one piece that could either keep Davis in “The Cresent City” or be able to jump start the rebuilding process in an expedited manner.

By winning the lottery, Griffin now has the chance to draft Zion Williamson from Duke University. Yes, that same Zion that ESPN and other media outlets have shown on almost a daily basis since he step foot on the Durham, North Carolina campus last year. Now it’s up Griffin to convince not only Williamson to stay in the draft (Reports on Wednesday said he could return to Duke) and convince Davis of a plan on how he’s going to get New Orleans back to playoffs and be able to be more than just a first round team.

Knowing that he’s constructed a championship team around a generational player in Cleveland, Davis if he was smart should give Griffin a chance to build a team around him in New Orleans. I know that the past history hasn’t been good to him when it comes to the front office of New Orleans and Davis, but he should at least wait until August or September to attempt another trade request. Griffin is a top-5 NBA executive and I’m certain that he can get some players to around Davis to make it work.

Besides a Davis/Williamson and Jrue Holiday trio is a good start to fixing things on Bourbon Street. Then if Julius Randle doesn’t pick up his $9 million player option and they can stretch provision Soloman Hill, they could have up to $26 million dollars to spend in free agency. That means New Orleans could make themselves a real player in the West next season.

If he cant convince Anthony to stay, then he has a laundry list of suitors waiting to put the offers in to trade for a potential top 5 overall player in his prime.

“Tanking” Can Now Stop

The NBA’s new way of doing the lottery’s main goal was to prevent teams from tanking. With the change of odds, it allowed for the potential of teams not in the bottom 4 to move up. With the top odds going to New York, Cleveland and Phoenix only being at 52 percent, the potential for choias had a chance to happen.

Well I don’t think in Adam Silver’s wildest dreams that he could have thought about the potential of what happened on Tuesday coming to life. New Orleans, Memphis and the Los Angeles Lakers all moved up from their orignal spots in the standings. The Lakers moved up 7 spots and the both the Pelicans and Grizzlies moved up 6 spots. The Knicks who had been linked to the top spot all season fell to 3rd and Cleveland, Phoenix and Chicago all fell 3 spots to become 5th, 6th and 7th.

Now with the teams seeing that parody can happen during the lottery, they might think twice about “attempting to tank”. Unless the guarantee of picking no later than fifth seems to be well worth losing games at a high rate.

But most importantly, The Biggest Winner Of The Lottery Is….. Parody!!

And isn’t that what everyone wants?

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