Should The Lakers Increase The Workload for JaVale McGee?

DeMarcus Cousins potential season-ending ACL injury on Thursday has just changed the plans for the Los Angeles Lakers run at an NBA Championship. Yes, Cousins might not have been at his pre-Achillies all-star level, but he’s one of the top 10 centers in the league when he’s on the floor. He had a pre-existing relationship with the also newly acquired Anthony Davis and can score from almost anywhere on the court.

He might not have been the closer for the Lakers, but he potentially could have caused some serious damage to opposing teams. Now the Lakers have a pretty big hole at the center spot. They have JaVale McGee already on the roster and he did very good job in his first season in Los Angeles.

He averaged a career-high 12 points per game on a career-high 62.4% shooting percentage. He gave the Lakers high energy and rim protection for a team who needed last year. Now McGee has his moments where his basketball IQ isn’t the best, but there are way worse options than the former Nevada big man.

But when he does get an increase in minutes, he put up numbers. McGee averaged 17.2 points and 11. 9 rebounds per game, when he played 30 or more minutes last season. JaVale also had 8 double-doubles in those 11 games in which he played 30 or more minutes.

The ability to use McGee at center allows Anthony Davis to play more power forward. A position that he prefers to play on a regular basis.

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