NBA Rankings Summer Edition- Part 3- Teams 1-9

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  • 6. Utah Jazz

Utah’s general manager Dennis Lindsey has put together the most talented group of players the franchise has had in over 20 years. The acquisitions of Mike Conley Jr., Bojan Bodanovic, Ed Davis and Jeff Green have put the Jazz right at the top of the Western Conference. One of the major concerns over the last few season have been finding another scorer to go next to Donovan Mitchell late in games.

For as talented as Mitchell is, he constantly gets in stuck on trying to make something out of nothing on a regular basis. Now with the addition of Conley, Mitchell will have space to get to the lane and if needed kick it out to shooters like Conley, Bodanovic and Joe Ingles on the wings.

Rudy Gobert is the reigning defensive player of the year at the Center spot and is still one of the best rebounders in the game. So his value to Quinn Synder’s team is undeniable.

The Jazz are loaded and have enough pieces to make a run at the NBA Finals. The real question is which team in a certain Big City will they get in the second round of the playoffs? Because whatever team they end up playing, could be eliminated by Utah. What’s holding them back is the fact of only Green has played in the NBA Finals.

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