NBA Rankings Summer Edition- Part 2- Teams 10-20

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Not So Sure About These Teams At The Current Moment

  • 18. Sacramento Kings
  • 19. Detroit Pistons
  • 20. Minnesota Timberwolves

Sacramento has every quality in a team that you would want to watch as a fan on a nightly basis.

  • A breakout star point guard (De’Aaron Fox) that is a defensive terror and has lighting speed from end to end
  • A Power Forward that has top 20 overall talent (Marvin Bagley III)
  • A sharpshooting shooting guard (Buddy Hield)
  • A closer who isn’t a afraid to take the late game shot (Bogdan Bogdanovic)

But what their major problem is… Sacramento is in the wrong conference. The Western Conference is extremely deep again this year and the Kings could get swepted under the rug.

Detroit had a full season of Blake Griffin last year and he was fantastic. The team played solid basketball for most of the season until he got hurt and wasn’t the same team as they entered the playoffs. Even in the games he played, you can tell he wasn’t 100% and had to have an arthroscopic procedure on his left knee in the off-season.

Detroit was only able to add Derrick Rose in the off-season to help the point guard spot due to salary cap restrictions. (Detroit should have some cap space after the ’19-20 season) So unless players like Luke Kennard and Thon Maker can make a large improvement, Detroit could miss the playoffs in 2019-2020. Unless, a certain triple-double producing point guard can be acquired (Russell Westbrook).

Minnesota flirted with trying to bring in All-Star D’Angelo Russell at the beginning of the July, but couldn’t find a way to bring him in. They put feelers out for Andrew Wiggins, but at the moment he’s still in the twin cities. They traded up in the draft to get Jarrett Culver, but didn’t replace Dario Saric (trade to Phoenix) or Taj Gibson (left for New York) in free agency. So unless Jordan Bell has a Pascal Siakam type of year, Minnesota will be headed back into the lottery once again.

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