Free Agent Rankings- Small Forward

With NBA Free Agency less than 60 days away, lets take a look at who will be some of the names that your favorite team could consider adding this summer.

The Small Forward class in 2019 has the two best overall players in the entire free agency cycle available. Besides Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, there is a few other players that could break the bank with potential long-term deals. So lets take a look at how I rank the upcoming free agent class.

  1. Kevin Durant- Golden State Warriors- Unrestricted- Player Option
  2. Kawhi Leonard- Toronto Raptors- Unrestricted- Player Option
  3. Tobias Harris- Philadelphia 76ers- Unrestricted
  4. Khris Middleton-Milwaukee Bucks- Unrestricted
  5. Harrison Barnes- Dallas Mavericks- Unrestricted- Player Option
  6. Kelly Oubre Jr.- Phoenix Suns- Restricted
  7. Bojan Bogdanovic- Indiana Pacers- Unrestricted
  8. Marcus Morris- Boston Celtics- Unrestricted
  9. Jabari Parker- Chicago Bulls- Unrestricted- Team Option
  10. Rudy Gay- San Antonio Spurs- Unrestricted


The fact of both Durant and Leonard being on the open market at the same time with as many potential suitors with the available cap space might be the most exciting free agency chase since the summer of LeBron in 2013. Even though reports have mentioned Durant and the New York Knicks, don’t count out the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers along with a possible return to Oakland on his radar. The league will wait on his answer before other players including ones at this position put their name to paper.

In the case of Kawhi, it’s a bit different. The reports have said for the last year or so that he would want to make a return back to the west coast. So that means, either Clippers or Lakers. But like Paul George in the previous season, the team the player was traded to another team and ended up resigning after loving his environment. After his series ending shot in Toronto and how much the entire country has embraced him, would Leonard leave it all behind? Don’t count the Brooklyn Nets for him as well.

The next tier is Middleton (who is an all-star) and Harris (who should be an all-star). Both players should earn themselves a max deal or somewhere close. Harris could get it from his hometown Brooklyn Nets or he could stay in Philadelphia and get it from the Sixers. If the Bucks (who are in the conference finals) don’t resign Middleton, the time clock on the Giannis express out of Milwaukee could start before his potential free agent year. Expect the Lakers, Clippers, Sixers and Pacers to chase after him if he leaves the state of Wisconsin.

Barnes and Oubre Jr should get big contracts from teams especially from teams that could potentially strike out on the big names are looking for non-maximum salary swing-men. Bogdanovic had a fantastic finish to a season that lead to the Pacers having a top-4 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Honorable Mention:

  • DeMarre Carrol- Brooklyn Nets- Unrestricted
  • Michael Kidd-Gilchrest- Charlotte Hornets- Unrestricted- Player Option
  • Trevor Ariza- Washington Wizards- Unrestricted
  • Wilson Chandler- Los Angeles Clippers- Unrestricted
  • Darius Miller- New Orleans Pelicans- Unrestricted

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