Free Agent Rankings- Power Forward

With NBA Free Agency less than 60 days away, lets take a look at who will be some of the names that your favorite team could consider adding this summer.

The free agency class of power forwards might not have the big names, but some of the names in class could potentially be the difference in some teams outcomes next season. So lets take a look at how I rank the upcoming free agent class.

  1. Kristaps Porzingis- Dallas Mavericks- Restricted
  2. Paul Millsap- Denver Nuggets- Unrestricted- Player Option
  3. Julius Randle-New Orleans Pelicans- Unrestricted
  4. Thaddeus Young- Indiana Pacers- Unrestricted
  5. Nikola Mirotic- Milwaukee Bucks- Unrestricted
  6. Dwight Powell- Dallas Mavericks- Unrestricted- Player Option
  7. Taj Gibson- Minnesota Timberwolves- Unrestricted
  8. Al-Farouq Aminu- Portland Trail Blazers- Unrestricted
  9. Bobby Portis- Washington Wizards- Restricted
  10. Marvin Williams- Charlotte Hornets- Unrestricted- Player Option


Honorable Mention:

  • Kevon Looney- Golden State Warriors- Unrestricted
  • Ed Davis- Brooklyn Nets- Unrestricted
  • Khem Burch- Orlando Magic- Restricted
  • Mike Scott- Philadelphia 76ers- Unrestricted
  • Markieff Morris- Oklahoma City Thunder- Unrestricted

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