Free Agent Rankings- Point Guard

With NBA Free Agency less than 60 days away, lets take a look at who will be some of the names that your favorite team could consider adding this summer.

The Point Guard position in this year’s free agency has 3 current All-Stars, a former MVP and a few other names that could potentially see contract offers in July. So lets take a look at how I rank the upcoming free agent class.

  1. Kyrie Irving- Boston Celtics- Unrestricted- Player Option
  2. Kemba Walker- Charlotte Hornets- Unrestricted
  3. D’Angelo Russell- Brooklyn Nets- Restricted
  4. Terry Rozier III- Boston Celtics- Restricted
  5. Malcolm Brogdon- Milwaukee Bucks- Restricted
  6. Goran Dragic- Miami Heat- Unrestricted- Player Option
  7. Darren Collison- Indiana Pacers- Unrestricted
  8. Ricky Rubio- Utah Jazz- Unrestricted
  9. Derrick Rose- Minnesota Timberwolves- Unrestricted
  10. Patrick Beverley- Los Angeles Clippers- Unrestricted


Irving and Walker should command max money from teams in free agency this summer. Everyone knows what Irving brings to the table, but what Walker could bring a team is something that is a bit unknown.

Playing in Charlotte as the team’s top option with a team that didn’t have the most talent will be interesting to see if he can take on an entire team as a primary option. Otherwise, if he gets in a situation like Los Angeles, Dallas or potentially New York (if they sign Kevin Durant), he could have the same impact as Irving without the superstar mentality that Kyrie has. The question behind Walker is: Will Michael Jordan completely open and blow his checkbook out the water to keep the franchise’s greatest player in Teal for the next 5 years?

Now the question in this group is how do you value Russell, Rozier and Brogdon?

D’Angelo made the All-Star team this season and 23 years old should be a no-brainer for Brooklyn to retain. But with his off the court issues, (Getting arrested in this month for Marijuana possestion at LaGuarda airport) you might question his maturity level with a mega-contract. But on the court, Russell has the ablilty to become a franchise changing player. His growth this season is one of the major reasons why the Nets made the playoffs.

“Scary Terry” made a name for himself in the playoffs in 2018. With Irving out due to injury, Rozier stepped into a starting role and helped the Celtics to the Eastern Conference finals. This year, his role was limited (Irving was healthy) and his play reminded me of his play before Irving was injured last season. It will be interesting to see how much he will command. For his career, he averages 14.4 points, 5.9 rebounds and 5.1 assists a game as a starter. Those number normally generate a big paycheck in free agency.

Malcolm is in an interesting situation. The former Rookie of the Year, shares a backcourt with Eric Bledsoe. Eric was a potential free agent this summer, but he signed a 4 year $70 million extension with the Bucks after the all-star break. Now if he gets a big money offer from another team, would Milwaukee match it and potentially pay him more than Bledsoe?

Honorable Mention:

  • Rajon Rondo- Los Angeles Lakers- Unrestricted
  • Elfrid Payton- New Orleans Pelicans- Unrestricted
  • Delon Wright- Memphis Grizzlies- Restricted
  • Seth Curry- Portland Trail Blazers- Unrestricted
  • Emmanuel Mudiay- New York Knicks- Restricted

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