Danny’s NBA Mock Draft 5.0 (Post-Lottery Edition)

Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery produced more fireworks in 16 minutes than it has had in history of the televised drawing. Three teams (New Orleans, Memphis and the L.A Lakers) jumped into the top 4 and the New York Knicks (who had the worst record in the league) fell to the third spot.

Now that we know who will be picking 1st on June 20th, the real question now becomes who will go after Duke Freshman Zion Williamson? Here is my most detailed mock draft with my thoughts on each of the teams selections.

I will have two more Mock Draft’s before June 20th. (One will be after the final list of entries are official and one more the day before the draft.).So here is my 2019 NBA Draft 1st Round. (Special thanks to all of the YouTube video content creators for their hard work in creating the video montages of the players.)