Another Way To Pick The All-Star Teams

With the NBA All-Star game returns coming back over the last few weeks causing a stir in the league’s fanbase, it got me thinking. Why don’t we change the format of the league’s mid-season showcase. Before the league goes to a USA vs the World All-Star game (because that idea is coming sooner than we all think), lets shake things up again.

Nothing against the current format of letting the fans pick the captains and letting the captains make the selections of the teams. But since the NHL used that idea first, why don’t they adopt their current All-Star format again in this scenario.

In the NHL, they have division All-Stars and they play against the other divisions in 2 games that decide who has the best group of All-Stars. So how their system works is that fans choose one player from each division to be the captain and the rest of the All-Stars (44 other players) are selected by the media. Each team has 6 forwards, 3 defenseman and 2 goalies.

Each division from each conference would play against each other for conference supremacy and they the winners would play against each other for league supremacy and a split of a $1 million dollars. 

Currently, the NHL has 4 divisions and the NBA has 6, so for this exercise I decided to eliminate both the Central Division in the East and the Northwest Division in the West and split the teams up into the remaining divisions. Also, other change would be the breakdown of the teams. Each division would have 5 guards, 5 frontcourt players and 1 wildcard (any position). What stays the same is that each division would still have 11 total players and at least one player from each team would be represented. 

So, here is my idea of the divisions: (Teams in Bold are the ones switching divisions)

Atlantic SoutheastSouthwest Pacific
BostonAtlantaDallasLA Lakers
TorontoCharlotteHoustonLA Clippers
New YorkOrlandoSan AntonioSacramento
BrooklynMiamiNew OrleansPhoenix
PhiladelphiaWashingtonMemphisGolden State
ChicagoIndianaOklahoma CityPortland

Here would be my idea version of this All-Star Game: (Now leading vote-getter for each division is who I think is the most popular player in the division, it’s kind of hard to pick that one because fans are different)

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