A Different Type of All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star game went from it’s East vs West format to the old-school captains and picking teams format we have now. But since it’s still the NBA Summer, lets try something different. The idea of two players picking teams came from what most people do in a neighborhood pickup game and adopted by the NHL on the professional level a few seasons prior.

So let’s take another NHL concept and try it on the NBA and see what happens. So.. What if the All-Star teams were picked by division?

Note: Kevin Durant, John Wall and Klay Thompson are not on the teams due to pre-existing injuries that will keep them out for the at least half or the entire 2019-2020 season.

Here is how it would works:

  • Each division has 9 players (One from each team and it increases the number of All-Stars to 54)
  • We are playing Big 3 rules and court size in a 5-on-5 game.
  • Legends from each division are the head coaches
  • The elimination games will be played during All-Star night and the 4 remaining teams will play on Sunday
  • The two divisions that have the best record will get a bye and will play on Sunday against the winners of the elimination game. (Example: Milwaukee and Denver has the best record at the all-star break, the Central Division team and the Northwest Division team will have a bye and won’t play until Sunday)
  • The other teams will play against their own conference on Saturday
  • Winning division wins $1,000,000 and that is $500,000 goes to the players and the other $500,000 goes to the charities of the players choosing. ($55k per player and $55k to the player’s charity of their choosing)
  • Fans will choose vote on the division captain for each team
  • Media will choose 7 members from each division
  • The division captain will choose the ninth and final player on each team

If you don’t know about the Big 3 rules… Here is a video tutorial: